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Focus on growing your brand and audience with proven strategies and techniques.

Marketing Mondays is an interactive opportunity to begin each week with a focus on music marketing, social media, and brand optimization.

Today's Leader is Trey Swain. A few words from Trey:

"I discovered marketing as a result to moving to Nashville to pursue music and discovered a passion for data and how to market your business. I truly believe in the grind of life, putting in time to the areas that creatively stimulate you and staying on that path. Eventually, you will find your calling. Through music and marketing, I've gained knowledge in audio and video production, along with deep knowledge of Adobe suites, Facebook/Instagram advertising, SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). I plan on continuing all of these paths and gaining deeper knowledge in the areas that bring me joy."

This event takes place every Monday at noon on the @homeformusic Discord Community.

Marketing Mondays is part of the 'Discord Discussions' HOME School Programming where we meet 3x weekly at noon for networking, project support, and business development purposes.

Discord Discussions are open to HOME Members ONLY.

Discord offers real time voice, video, and text channels and enables the HOME Community to 'hang out' virtually.

Use this link to join HOME's Discord Community:

It is informal, so feel free to drop in and out even if you only have a few minutes ⏰

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