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Clarify your goals, set deadlines, and use accountability to achieve more.

Teamwork Wednesdays is an interactive opportunity to build the dream team that you need to execute your vision. We use a collaborative spreadsheet to share our goals with the collective. Then we look for ways we can work as a team and use our strengths to help each other accomplish more than we could on our own.

This event takes place every Wednesday at noon on the @homeformusic Discord Community. Check out this video to learn more about the Teamwork Wednesdays leader Tracie Hitz 👇



Teamwork Wednesdays is part of the 'Discord Discussions' HOME School Programming where we meet 3x weekly at noon for networking, project support, and business development purposes.

Discord Discussions are open to HOME Members ONLY.

Discord offers real time voice, video, and text channels and enables the HOME Community to 'hang out' virtually.

Use this link to join HOME's Discord Community:

It is informal, so feel free to drop in and out even if you only have a few minutes ⏰

Our current Discussion Leader for this program is Tracie Hitz

A note from Tracie:

"I'm a Brand Strategist, which means I am a storyteller who helps individuals and businesses drive revenue and/or awareness. Through my process, I help people identify their brands and then create integrated plans that allow them to go after anything they want in life, especially in the sports and entertainment industries. I also work as a freelance project manager, event planner, booker, business coach, life coach and relationship coach."

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