You ever hear something, and just think “that feels right?” This fuzz-pop band of newcomers feels like exactly what the indie scene in Nashville needed. There’s something refreshing about the way the unfiltered vocals on “Goggles” float atop a wall of grungy electric guitars. And it wouldn’t live up the Nashville name without the light touch of harmonies sprinkled into every chorus.

A lesser band would be content writing “tell me I’m pretty” and leaving it at that – not The Dreaded Laremie. They go onto finish that thought in the next line, singing “tell me I’m pretty // much all you need to keep your heart beating.” It’s heart-on-your-sleeve rock and roll and we are HERE for it.

For now, we’re sharing these guys with Lexington, KY. As the band puts it, they’re “in a long distance relationship.” As long as the first reunion post quarantine is here in Nashville, they’ll get a pass from us. As of press time, band members are actually dispersed across 3 states, working relentlessly on a new project – bringing the band into the world of Animal Crossing. No seriously, check it out!

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