Here's a quick update with 3 things you need to know 👇

1. The New to Nashville Music Industry Networking event scheduled for this week is canceled. We will continue next month with our final Sweetwater gift card giveaway 💸

2. This month for Marketing Mondays we will be working on FB and IG ads as a group. Come join the fun as we create and run ads for a real single release 🚀

3. We are looking for more talented producers who would be a good fit for the HOME Culture and Community. If you know a great music or media producer who might also make a great Homie, send them this link so they can get a 2 hour session for FREE ✌️ If they end up joining you will get a $100 referral credit 💸

The pandemic has posed a lot of challenges for HOME, and we greatly appreciate any referrals for New Homies. THANK YOU 🙏 

Let's grow the team and keep growing together 🙌

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