Hey Homie, I hope your April is off to a great start 🚀


Click the image below for your MONTHLY VIDEO UPDATE - that's right - monthly video update. We'll still be creating a weekly update posts inside of the HOME for Music App, but we are pulling back the frequency on doing a video to once a month or if we have a special message or announcement. 👇



For those who would prefer to read instead of watching a video, here's a short summary:


1. Speaking of special announcements, HOME officially turned 3 years old this month 🥂 Our first memberships began on 4/1/18. And I am proud to say that many of those original members that we launched with are still with us. After checking with our Members through a survey and town hall meeting, we now feel like it is safe to begin having some small in-person gatherings. We will start with a Members PLUS ONE 'Homie Hang' - tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday April 17th. SAVE THE DATE 📆


2. As HOME shifts focus toward planning more elaborate hybrid events that allow people to participate virtually or in person, we have decided to cancel the 'New to Nashville' and 'Sync Sessions' virtual events for the time being. We may bring them back in the future. If you want more info about the plans we are making to bring back some in-person workshops and event, check out the Town Hall Meeting in the HOME for Music App 🏫


3. On Friday April 30 @ 6:15, HOME will be hosting a Best of Nashville Hip Hop live stream broadcast. Our very own Homies Lord Goldie and S-Wrap will be a part of the lineup. Follow this link for more info 🤔 Attaching the show graphic below 👇




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