Here's a quick update with 3 things you need to know 👇

1. The single that we are working through releasing in our Marketing Mondays session is out now and is embedded below incase you would like to check it out. We are now officially working through the process of driving consistent traffic to Spotify in our efforts to find fans who will stream the music on that platform. If you are trying to learn to how to get more streams using FB & IG ads, hop on to Discord at noon (CT) each Monday for the next few weeks! This opportunity is open to HOME MEMBERS ONLY, but if you are not a Member and you would like to try out a session, send an email to and we'll give you access 🔑 

2. The Teamwork Wednesdays format will continue as follows: We use a collaborative spreadsheet to share our goals with the collective. Then we look for ways we can work as a team and use our unique strengths to help each other accomplish more than we could on our own. This session is now being lead by the highly productive and goal oriented life coach - Tracie Hitz.  

3. We have already some really great feedback from people who have booked time with the HOME Conultants. The HOME Consultants offer the expertise of launching superstar acts, landing thousands of sync placements, and selling millions of dollars in concert tickets. You can find out more about them by checking out the feature in the HOME for Music App. HOME Members - get your 20% off coupon code here 🙌

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