Here's a quick update with 3 things you need to know 👇

1. We will be having the Humpday Headshots event this Wednesday 4/28 from 3p-6p and our featured Homie photographer is Sean Burns. Check out his IG here to get a feel for his work 📸

2. The Best of Nashville Hip Hop Showcase is happening THIS FRIDAY 🗓 There are 11 artists on the lineup and all artists will perform on stage with high quality audio/video & lighting and will be accompanied by local virtuoso musicians - MUJA - as a live backing band. TUNE IN ON APRIL 30TH AT 6:15P AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HIP HOP COMMUNITY AND YOUR HOMIES LORD GOLDIE AND S-WRAP WHO WILL BE FEATURED ON THE SHOW 🤩

3. The facility will be at max capacity on April 30th from 3p until 10p, so please be advised that there will be more people than usual on site and the event will be off limits to anyone who is not involved in the production. 

Other news