Hey Homie, I hope your May is off to a great start 🚀


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For those who would prefer to read instead of watching a video, here's a short summary:


1. It has now been over a year since the pandemic began. Almost all of the members we surveyed are feeling more confident about their business outlook. So as HOME enters the stage of 'rebuilding', we will be reaching out for referrals, reviews, and testimonials to all of those people in the survey who indicated they would be willing to participate. Also, as more complex productions and events pop up, we will be looking for volunteers to help in various roles and capacities. If you are interested in helping HOME through our rebuilding phase, please let us know 🙏


2. We are working on some changes to the HOME Programming so that we can preserve the awesome accessibility and consistency of the Discord Discussions while also offering some in-person learning and networking opportunities. We aren't ready to roll that out just yet,  but we are working to finalize those plans over the next couple of weeks ✌️


3. Hopefully you tuned in for the Best of Nashville Hip Hop event, because it was absolutely incredible. We are very proud of the team of Homies and partners who helped execute such a complex and intricate production. Catch the replay here:




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