Here's a quick update with 3 things you need to know 👇

1. We have officially announced that we are having a HOME Membership Drive through the month of June 🤗 We are offering SUPER SWEET DEALS for New Homies and we are also offering extra incentives for any referrals that we get during the Membership Drive. Thank you in advance for your help in spreading the word and rebuilding the HOME Community 🙏

2. As we shift HOME Member Programming, we are canceling the Humpday Headshots event moving forward. Instead, we are starting up a monthly 'Homie Hang' open house networking mixer and game night for HOME Members and their guests. It will be BYOB and we also plan to have a featured photographer here to get shots of everyone hanging on site. We are close to announcing the first one so keep an eye out 👁

3. Starting next week we are going to try something different for Marketing Mondays... we are going to share short educational video clips that we have captured through some of our Marketing Mondays sessions and then we will host a Q&A regarding the topic of the video. The first video clip will be from Tracie Hitz about the importance of building email into your marketing strategy.  The lesson will be published through the HOME for Music app and also Discord. The Q&A portion will be held on Discord at 6p. Hop on if you want to learn more about email marketing or just leave a comment in the app or Discord if you have any questions you need the HOME Leadership Team to answer. We got you 🙌

Have a great rest of your week Homies ✌️

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