Hey Homie, I hope your June is off to a great start 🚀


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For those who would prefer to read instead of watching a video, here's a short summary:


1. HOME is having a Membership Drive 🤗 Hopefully by now you know what HOME is all about... we are here to empower producers, artists, and entrepreneurs by giving them an environment where they can work together, learn together, and grow together. If you know anyone who is looking to build their team and grow their business with likeminded people, please send them our way 🙏 We are also offering some HUGE referral bonuses to HOME Members who help us rebuild the community. The Membership Drive deals and referral bonus offers are only valid through the month of June: 

*If you refer someone who signs up for a monthly membership, we are going to give you a 10 hour bonus!

**If you refer someone who signs up for a yearly membership, we are going to give you a 20 hour bonus!


2. HOME Members will be allowed on site for the upcoming seminar - 'NFTs Music and the Law'. It will be taught by one of our Homies, Colin Maher, who is a Nashville-based entertainment lawyer. Colin is going to take a deep dive into the topic of NFTs and help you understand how you can avoid the legal pitfalls of this exciting new revenue stream. If you are interested in learning about NFTs be sure to tune in to the live stream on June 14th from 6-730p. ONLY HOME Members and special guests will be allowed on site for this. It is FREE but you MUST RSVP here.


3. As we work toward creating more in-person workshops and networking hangs we will be making some adjustments to the virtual programs on Discord. The first change we are making is that we will be delivering short educational video clips about marketing and hosting a Q&A discussion on discord about the topics the videos cover. Instead of meeting at noon we will have a marketing leader available at 6p Central Time on Discord if you want to learn more or get help with your projects.



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