Hey Homie, I hope your August is off to a great start 🚀


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For those who would prefer to read instead of watching a video, here's a short summary:


1. We have added two awesome humans to the HOME Team 🙌 We have hired Juliana Lee to help us with Community Engagement and Programming, and we have officially made Cason Pratt the Production Lead for the HOME Facility. So what does this mean for HOME Members? It means that you have direct support from two more professionals with loads of industry experience. Juliana is focused on helping you find the resources and connections within the community to achieve your business goals, and Cason is focused on making sure you are able to use the facility to its full potential. Feel free to reach out to either of them directly about your projects - juliana@homeformusic.org | cason@homeformusic.org

2. Our partnership with the Nossi College of Arts photography department is going very well 📸 Click this link to see some amazing photos from the last Homie Hang that we did with them here at the HOME Facility. And they will also be on site for more member networking events like the one we are doing tomorrow night at Flash Me Xperience. The goal behind this partnership is all about making sure that HOME Members have plenty of fresh high quality photos for their websites, social media, and other marketing assets.

3. We have two workshops coming up this month 🤓 The first one is the Mixing Masterclass that was rescheduled from last month. We'll be hanging in the studio next Monday (8/9 6-8p) with two platinum award winning mix engineers - Anthony Falcone and Marc Frigo - and taking a deep dive into their approach to mixing great records. The other workshop is coming up on August 30th (6-8p). It is called 'Playing for Life' and is all about staying healthy and avoiding the most common injuries that affect musicians and producers. This workshop will be taught by 5 different music and wellness pros and will help you stay in the game for the long haul!



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