Here's a quick update 👇

The next workshop is coming up in one week on August 30th (6-8p) 📆 

It is called 'Playing for Life' and is all about staying healthy and avoiding the most common injuries that affect musicians and producers. This workshop will be taught by 5 different music and wellness pros and will help you stay in the game for the long haul!

FREE for HOME Members.

Nonmembers can get tickets via Eventbrite 🎟 

See below for a description of the event and please share with any musicians you know that might benefit from joining 🙏


Being a professional musician and/or music producer is very hard on your body.

Lifestyle choices like how much time you sit at a computer or how much you move can have a huge negative impact. Hours of playing or mixing can lead to repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel, and even nerve damage.

HOME is here to help you succeed, so we are teaming up with some amazing local educators and wellness professionals, with specialties in the specific needs of musicians including injury prevention and recovery. 

Presentations by:

  • Sports medicine specialist & performing artist Amanda Cornett

  • Guitarist & educator Dave Isaacs (Nashville Guitar Guru)

  • Vocologist and voice teacher Liz Johnson

  • Chiropractor Dr. Charlie Kautz (The Musician's Physician)

  • Musician fitness specialist Angela McCuiston (Music Strong)


Have a great week Homie ✌️

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