LISTEN: With ‘Shipwreck,’ Emily Rowed Sets Sail Toward New Beginnings

Emily Rowed’s latest release, “Shipwreck,” is much more than a new single. It’s a new beginning, as it marks the first release for the Vancouver-born alt-pop artist since her amicable departure from 604 Records.

“Having a label can be wonderful for many reasons, but there’s something really exciting and invigorating about owning my own songs, and my voice and expression as an artist. The time had just come,” Rowed, who moved to Nashville last summer, told us. “There was just so much opportunity and newness here, and music was taking me in a lot of directions. I never thought of myself as a songwriter, and here, that’s kind of who I’ve been.

“It’s crumbling and expansion, at the same time.”

Rowed credits Nashville’s renowned, rapidly-evolving songwriting community for providing the inspiration and support that led to “Shipwreck,” written alongside accomplished songsmith Jason Walker. When the pair sat down to write last September, ideas began flowing almost immediately.

“I’ve never really had this happen, but it really just landed for us. It was written, recorded, and done in less than two hours,” Rowed recalled. “It was one of those beautiful moments, where we just grabbed it.”

Released on May 29, “Shipwreck” is a stark, downtempo piano ballad. Written for a family member, the beautifully emotive piece expresses the often-intertwining relationship between depression and loyalty.

“We kept it very simple, stripped back, and left it hanging out there,” Rowed notes. “It’s a special song for me.”

“Shipwreck” is the first song from Rowed’s forthcoming EP – a five-track effort, mostly featuring songs that have emerged from collaborations in Nashville. Rowed plans to release more singles leading up to the full EP, which she expects to be available this fall.

“The goal is to get this EP off my chest. It’s really downtempo,” Rowed said. “I always think of music as colors, and this one is pale pink and watery. It’s really soft, compared to some of the other stuff that I’ve done.”

Check out “Shipwreck”, the latest single from Emily Rowed, below!

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